The Need for the Patriot Promise

The primary need for the Patriot Promise™ is the simple fact that a gap exists in programs aimed at veterans and veteran healthcare. We can’t strictly rely on the VA to completely take care of the veteran population. We also can’t sit back and point fingers at the VA for gaps in healthcare services. That’s the gap that the Patriot Promise will fill. The foundation will work with the VA (Veteran’s Administration) to identify areas where assistance could be best used. The foundation will also work with private organizations and individuals to improve awareness and help find solutions wherever those gaps exist.

Mental healthcare provided by the VA does not include a proactive treatment for Post Traumatic Stress. Instead, proper mental healthcare is only provided to the veterans that self-recognize their severe problem and then also proactively seek treatment. We need to recognize that these veterans (largely young adults) return to an environment of many unknowns: what job will they find, where will I stay, where do I fit into this society. These and many more questions add stress to their lives. These stressors only enhance the possibility of depression and exacerbate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. They are also fearful of being labeled as mentally ill. There needs to be a proactive way to help relieve the stressors and deliver mental healthcare tools for coping with their new “normal.” The Patriot Promise Foundation will search for those tools and provide funding for the development and delivery of those tools specifically for veterans.