The Vision

The vision for the Patriot Promise™ is to become a household name, synonymous with drastically changing the landscape of veteran care for the better. 100 million people will recognize The Patriot Promise™ as our nation’s commitment to helping our veterans receive the best healthcare possible.

The Patriot Promise Foundation will champion the development and delivery of the highest medical technology available for our healthcare providers to utilize in caring for our veterans. Patriot Promise concerts, fund raising events, nationwide advertising campaigns, social media blitzes, and merchandise sales will provide necessary funding and contribute to the success of the program and the viability of the Foundation.

The foundation also envisions helping veterans learn about coping skills in specialized training programs either prior to or immediately after leaving the military. Every veteran should be helped as they head into the private sector. The foundation also plans to create tools to help veterans self evaluate their current state and help guide them to assistance, as they need it.