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The Gap We Fill

The primary need for the Patriot Promise™ is the simple fact that more than 48% of all veterans struggle when transitioning from active service. These struggles too often lead to suicide with numbers consistently reported as over 20 suicides per day. That’s unacceptable.

Mental healthcare provided by the VA does not include a proactive treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress. Instead, proper mental healthcare is only provided to the veterans that self-recognize their severe problem and then also re-actively seek treatment. We need to recognize that these veterans (largely young adults) return to an environment of many unknowns: what job will they find, where will I stay, where do I fit into this society, and how do I care for my family. These and many more questions add stress to their lives. These stressors only enhance the possibility of depression and exacerbate Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms.

Additional Challenges

Returning veterans are also fearful of being labeled as mentally ill. There needs to be a proactive way to help relieve the stressors and deliver mental healthcare tools for coping with their new “normal.” The Patriot Promise Foundation will search for those tools and provide funding for the development and delivery of those tools specifically for veterans.

They struggle for many reasons. The Patriot Promise is aimed directly at addressing those struggles by helping to transition veterans into their new mission and new purpose. Veterans are leaving an environment where the mission and purpose was clearly defined by the military. They are also returning with a host of either physical or mental challenges. The problems can mount quickly.

There is a path where veterans can apply themselves in new roles and discover a new mission and purpose where they not only belong but can excel. We can provide training to provide additional coping skills. By having veterans working with veterans provides the benefits of working with people who “get it” and also gives some veterans the ability to act as or benefit from mentors.

A Letter from the Board

The Vision

The vision for the Patriot Promise™ is to become a household name, synonymous with drastically changing the landscape of veteran care for the better. 100 million people will recognize The Patriot Promise™ as our nation’s commitment to helping our veterans find their new mission and new purpose as they transition into their civilian lives. The Patriot Promise will have a profound impact on decreasing the number of veteran suicides.

The Patriot Promise Foundation will seed multiple operations, run 100% by veterans, throughout the US. These non-profit manufacturing facilities will provide a training ground for veterans to include work skills and life-changing personal skills throughout their workday. Veterans can learn how to take on positions in senior management, manufacturing technicians, quality management, and line and assembly work all while also developing their own personal game plans for success in their lives outside of work.

The money generated from production and sales of products and services based on their efforts will funnel right back into the operation to provide better healthcare, training, and overall improvements to their lives. These operations are based on a strategy of Venture Philanthropy. Money will be raised to help jump start each operation and then turn them over to be self-sufficient enterprises.

Patriot Promise concerts, fund raising events, nationwide advertising campaigns, social media blitzes, and merchandise sales will provide necessary funding and contribute to the success of the program and the viability of the Foundation.

The foundation also envisions helping veterans learn about coping skills in specialized training programs either prior to or immediately after leaving the military. Every veteran should be helped as they head into the private sector. The book “From Service to Success,” written by founder Bob Taylor, will serve as the framework of training and self-help. The foundation also plans to create tools to help veterans self-evaluate their current state and help guide them to assistance, as they need it.

Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor
Managing Director

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