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Former Air Force Major, CEO Bob Taylor

In From Service to Success Bob Taylor is sharing his real-life experience, from serving in combat as a B-52 navigator and then as a radar navigator, to one of his most challenging life transitions: an Air Force career he loved to family man with a successful career.

Bob Taylor attained a mechanical engineering degree from Michigan State University in 1986 then joined the Air Force in 1987. Bob married the love of his life, Sara, on the Fourth of July during navigator training. He finished that training program as a Distinguished Graduate. After specialized B-52 training, Bob was stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base, in New York. He then deployed to Diego Garcia, where he flew eleven combat missions during Operation Desert Storm and received the Air Force’s Air Medal. After leaving his active duty career, Bob served in the US Air Force Reserves as a KC-135 navigator and finally as a Major in the role of Air Force Academy Liaison Officer.

Since his transition from military service, Bob has concentrated on the medical device industry for the last 30 plus years, where he has started five new companies and sold two. Today, Bob is the CEO, founder, and owner of Alliant Healthcare Products, Alliant Biotech, and Medisurge – the Alliant Family of Companies located in Grand Rapids, MI. Since 2002, his verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business has sold over $750 million in healthcare products to the VA and military hospitals all over the world. Bob has dealt with the impact of his service for over 30 years, has worked within the VA health system since 2010, and finally embarked on researching “From Service to Success” in 2016. Bob has firsthand experience on dealing with and overcoming adversity. There were times of financial stress, significant business challenges, and times that were truly overwhelming. Bob is willing to share publicly, the challenges of PTSD and how he was faced with depression, irritability, and anger, and how he sought the help he needed. The keys to his successes are presented in “From Service to Success” which serves as a roadmap of how other veterans and their families can find their new purpose, new mission, and new journey to a great life.

The Vision

The vision for the Patriot Promise™ is to become a household name, synonymous with drastically changing the landscape of veteran care for the better. 100 million people will recognize The Patriot Promise™ as our nation’s commitment to helping our veterans find their new mission and new purpose as they transition into their civilian lives. The Patriot Promise will have a profound impact on decreasing the number of veteran suicides.

The Patriot Promise Foundation will create the Patriot Promise Academy. The academy will access veterans wherever they are in their life, then offer education and training to begin to identify their true passion in life. Each veteran will be challenged to work through a rigorous program that finishes with a roadmap of self-care, mindfulness, and new ways of looking at their future. The best years are not behind the lives of our veterans, the best is yet to come. If it takes a boot camp to prepare for military service, this academy will serve as a “reboot camp.”

Patriot Promise concerts, fund raising events, nationwide advertising campaigns, social media blitzes, and merchandise sales will provide necessary funding and contribute to the success of the program and the viability of the Foundation. These fundraising efforts will offset tuition fees needed to provide highly valuable education content.

The foundation also envisions helping veterans learn about coping skills in specialized training programs either prior to or immediately after leaving the military. Every veteran should be helped as they head into the private sector. The

book “From Service to Success,” written by founder Bob Taylor, will serve as the framework of training and self-help. The foundation also plans to create tools to help veterans self-evaluate their current state and help guide them to assistance, as they need it.

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