Service to Success

More veterans died from suicide in a ten-year period than during the entirety of the Vietnam War

There is a very large problem in our veteran community. Every day, 640 veterans attempt suicide, 22 veterans die, and over 5,500 are thinking about committing suicide. Approximately 48% of all military members struggle after transitioning from military service—but these struggles don’t have to be the end of their story. There is a bright and successful future available for every veteran if we can help them reach their greatest potential.

From Service to Success is a lifeline for veterans who seek to move past the pain and trauma of service and adapt to a new way of living. A veteran himself, Bob Taylor shares his experiences and the stories of others to remind readers that they are not alone. According to Bob, “We need to find forgiveness for ourselves, find a new purpose, learn new tools and skills, and press forward so we don't spend the rest of our lives in the darkness.”

In From Service to Success, Bob Taylor explains that while it's very important for veterans to have the means to support themselves, it is absolutely critical that they learn ways to become a part of their community, to forgive themselves, to develop healthy living styles, and to grab onto the best that life has to offer. The three most important steps for veterans to take after reading From Service to Success:

  • Create a mindset of gratitude
  • Find a way to sleep through the night—if necessary, seek help to get there
  • Discover a purpose bigger than themselves

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