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From Service to Success

About 80% of us are connected in some way to a veteran whether we are one, married to one, are related in some way, or are a friend of a veteran. There are 22 million veterans in the United States and roughly 11 million of them struggle in their lives following service. Almost all of us are exposed to how veterans are struggling.

There is a very large problem in our veteran community. Over the last ten years, more veterans have died from suicide than have died in all combat operations during the same period. The veterans and their families are struggling—but these struggles don’t have to be the end of their story. There is a bright and successful future available for every veteran if we can help them reach their greatest potential and that is why Bob Taylor wrote: “From Service to Success.” We need to find ways to connect to veterans and help them learn ways to find their new mission and new purpose in life. Their best days are ahead, and this book provides a roadmap of how to start living a better, more rewarding life. “From Service to Success” contains stories from the author and other veterans about their experiences and challenges following their military service. More importantly, they share how they were able to turn the tide of emotional trials.

In From Service to Success, Bob Taylor explains that while it’s very important for veterans to have the means to support themselves, it is absolutely critical that they learn ways to become a part of their community, to forgive themselves, to develop healthy living styles, and to grab onto the best that life has to offer.

From Service to Success is a lifeline for veterans who seek to move past the pain and trauma of service and adapt to a new way of living. A veteran himself, Bob Taylor shares his experiences and the stories of other veterans to remind readers that they are not alone. According to Bob, “We need to find forgiveness for ourselves, find a new purpose, learn new tools and skills, and press forward so we don’t spend the rest of our lives in the darkness.” The three most important steps for veterans to take after reading From Service to Success:

  • Create a mindset of gratitude

  • Find a way to sleep through the night—if necessary, seek help to get there

  • Discover a purpose bigger than themselves


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About The Author

In his book, From Service to Success, Bob Taylor shares his real-life experience of serving in combat as a B-52 navigator and then as a KC-135 navigator. He then goes on to describe his most challenging life transition from an Air Force career he loved to becoming a civilian family man beginning what would prove to be a successful career. 

Bob earned a mechanical engineering degree from Michigan State University in 1986 then joined the Air Force in 1987. He married the love of his life, Sara, on the Fourth of July during navigator training, which he finished as a Distinguished Graduate. Shortly after that, Bob was stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base in New York. From there he was deployed to Diego Garcia where he flew eleven combat missions during Operation Desert Storm and received the Air Force’s, Air Medal. Bob also served as a KC-135 navigator and as an Air Force Academy Liaison Officer in the US Air Force Reserves.

Since his passage from military service, Bob has concentrated on the medical device industry, where he has started five new companies and sold two. Today, Bob is the founder, sole owner, and CEO of The Alliant family of companies in Grand Rapids, MI which includes Alliant Healthcare, Alliant Biotech, and Medisurge. Since 2002, this verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business has sold over $750 million in healthcare products to the VA and military hospitals all over the world. 

Bob has dealt with the impact of his service for over thirty years. He has worked within the VA health system for the last ten years and has experienced firsthand the perils of veteran care. “From Service to Success” is the cornerstone of the Patriot Promise® Foundation, which Bob created to assist in the efforts to decrease suicides among veterans and provide a clear path to a purpose-filled life after service. The foundation establishes non-profit ventures run 100% by veterans. The grand purpose is to offer veterans the ability to learn new skills in the workplace while also learning how to enhance their lives overall. The goal of The Patriot Promise® is to guide veterans in their search for a new mission and purpose and to lead them on a journey to a great life.

Bob now resides on Torch Lake in northern Michigan.